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Eye Sight Checkup With Specs At Home

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Eye testing at home

Eyes are often perceived as one of the most important organs of sense as they attribute to the interpretation as well as observation of up to 80 per cent of all impressions. Regular eye check ups are often required in the contemporary world, with screen time for the average adult today in India - especially after factoring in the recent trend of work from home, stemming from the global pandemic - being 6.9 hours.

However, with the spike in cases of fatal blindness has made a visit to the regular optician unnecessarily difficult , our team at Dr. Arry’s Mediclinic is proud to present eye testing at home by extensively certified opticians and ophthalmologists.

We aim at providing feasible, economical and safe solutions for eye testing at home to ensure the aforementioned procedures are not only minimally invasive in nature but also have an ease of access as well as security for all our patients, especially those in critical medical conditions.

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