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X Ray at home Gurgaon

An X radiation or X Ray is best described as a painless and effortless procedure of capturing images of internal organs, tissues and bone structure of individuals using a penetrating form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, for the purpose of medical analysis and diagnosis. The final results are printed out on a film sheet with images in different shades of black and white for easy examination of consulting doctors.

Traditionally, allsuch machines were manufactured in humongous, bulky and heavy structures, which were available for the aforementioned usage in clinics, hospitals, testing homes and so on. Nonetheless, with evolution and industrialization, the modern versions not only mimic but accommodate better function in far more compact sizes, allowing for feasible testing via an X Ray at home.

Our team of experts at Dr. Arry’s Mediclinic, aims at providing our patients with easy, viable, affordable and accurate testing via portable X Ray at home Gurgaon, with timely results in order to facilitate and satisfy your speedy diagnosis as well as recovery. Such ease in X Ray at home is especially beneficial for patients who are in critical condition and do not find travel to a clinic as an easy or safe option.

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