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With the recent phenomenon of the pandemic, aggravated by the diverse upcoming mutations of the COVID-19 virus, several countries including India have faced repetitive waves of viral spread, the health care system has been struggling to cope up with the increased influx of patients.

This has not only led to home quarantining as well as treatments of COVID patients, but also limited the availability of OPD and IPD care for non-COVID patients. This has thus necessitated a need for visits by the concerned specialist and doctor at home.

A home visit of doctor is especially beneficial for patients who are in critical medical conditions and bedridden as a result, as such visits are the least invasive and safest options available to them. Our team at Dr. Arry’s mediclinic, prides itself in providing easy, feasible and affordable visits by the required, extensively certified specialist or doctor at home in Gurgaon, in order to ensure the best possible care for all our patients.

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