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Physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy , also known as physical therapy is a medical procedure or treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient's mobility, function, and well-being. It has been known to utilize techniques such as physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness to achieve the aforementioned goals.

Most of the patients who require such physiotherapy aim to overcome movement disorders, stemming from natural birth defects, accidents, sports injuries, ageing as well as life-changing events. Hence, such disorders make travel a necessary yet uncomfortable and extremely painful activity.

Our team at Dr. Arry’s Mediclinic in line with its aim of providing holistic and trustworthy end to end medical service, also caters to such needs of physiotherapy at home in order to maximize the comfort and affordability of our valued patients, while minimizing pain. Our extremely well trained and licensed physiotherapists hence, cater and provide the benefits of clinical therapy, all within the comfort of your home, or any place of your choice.

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