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ECG Services at Home

Electrocardiography has risen to popularity recently, even among the most critically acclaimed cardiologist circles. Nonetheless, before we discuss the advantages and problems of the aforementioned, it is vital to understand the medical process itself.

Defined in layman’s terms Electrocardiography is one of the simplest medical procedures, which records the electrical activity of a patient’s heart with the primary aim of diagnosing and tracking the innumerable heart conditions and ailments humankind may fall prey to. The final results are represented by an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), which has been observed to be extremely helpful in catching early signs of heart diseases as well as pinpointing the diverse heart abnormalities.

Our doctors will place electrodes on various areas on the patient’s skin, such as around your heart and sometimes on your arms and legs, to administer an ECG at home. The electrodes relay and transmit the electrical impulses produced by the heart to a portable ECG system via wires.

Moreover, several patients who haven’t experienced the procedure hold the misconception that electricity is also reversely transmitted from the machine, however, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. During an ECG, no electricity is transmitted into the patients’ body. The procedure hence is easy, painless, and noninvasive, with only minor and rare, infrequent risks.

Our ECG services at home in Gurgaon have proven to be extensively successful in uncovering the cause of persistent chest pains and flutterings, assessing cardiac symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, tightness of the chest, and more. They have also shown extensive success in evaluating irregular heartbeats, the efficiency, and efficacy of the workings of a pacemaker, or tracking the effects of the prescribed heart medications!

Several leading cardiologists in the medical community consider an ECG at home to be a particularly helpful procedure for patients suffering from severe cardiac or any other medical problems, which have rendered travel to be a tiresome and dangerous hassle in the best case and lethal in the worst case due to the critical conditions of those patients. Moreover, the current climate in the country with the heartbreakingly extensive spread of COVID 19 has further necessitated at-home testing to maintain the appropriate precautions as well as maximize the comfort of patients.

An ECG is also often recommended to patients who have a long-standing medical history in their respective families of cardio-vascular diseases or abnormalities, as they can catch the same as well as any developing complications, even before the conventional symptoms arise. 

Furthermore, one of the most important benefits of our team's ECG at home service is that the patient does not have to wait for a diagnostic center appointment and can be tested safely within the comfort of their home. Furthermore, since all our service providers already accept as well as prefer online payment methods, the exposure via exchange of cash is also limited if not utterly eliminated. 

Additionally, not only do we understand but also sympathize with our patients to whom at-home testing may come off as an unpleasant experience, especially ones who haven’t experienced the same before with our trained and certified professionals. As a result, we encourage our current as well as prospective patients to make appointments according to their schedule and convenience, to minimize if not elevate any such aforementioned fears or anxiousness. 

To learn more about ECG at home, and to see if such a procedure will be a successful inclusion in your annual health check-up plan, book an appointment with our specialists today