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ECG Services at Home

The Interrelation Between Depression And Heart Diseases

Depression has also been related to low inflammation, which has the potential to block your arteries, increase the production of stress hormones, and cause your blood to clot more easily. But what is the solution? Start by consulting your doctor or a trained therapist.

What is Heart Attack and Why ECG at Home needed

All people in India know about a very common word Heart Attack that every time we use when one person doesn't know how another people die and we say one dies due to a heart attack.

Why ECG at Home needed in Pregnancy

Due to some unavoidable reasons (laziness, late night, odd timing, availability issues, ignorance of health, busy schedules etc.) pregnant lady sometimes ignore her heart which could dangerous sometimes not only for her but also for her baby. For this, Dr. Arry's Mediclinic have been started ECG at Home 5 years back in Delhi & NCR.