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ECG Services at Home

Our doctors will place electrodes on various areas on the patient’s skin, such as around your heart and sometimes on your arms and legs, to administer an ECG at home. The electrodes relay and transmit the electrical impulses produced by the heart to a portable ECG system via wires.

What is Heart Attack and Why ECG at Home needed

All people in India know about a very common word Heart Attack that every time we use when one person doesn't know how another people die and we say one dies due to a heart attack.

Why ECG at Home needed in Pregnancy

Due to some unavoidable reasons (laziness, late night, odd timing, availability issues, ignorance of health, busy schedules etc.) pregnant lady sometimes ignore her heart which could dangerous sometimes not only for her but also for her baby. For this, Dr. Arry's Mediclinic have been started ECG at Home 5 years back in Delhi & NCR.

Indication of Pneumococcal vaccination and Influenza virus vaccination

1. Pre chronic existing disease(Chronic Kidney/Lung/Heart/Liver disease, Structural Heart/lung disease, DM, Cancer, Post chemo-radiotherapy,)
2. Age >60yrs with comorbidities
3. Patient on Immunosuppressive drugs

Do you know How to rid of Joint pain or keep your bones healthy

With age, bones become weak, for that we should keep getting vitamin D3 and calcium checked over time. If they are deficient, then after consulting your doctor, you can take supplements of Vitamin D3 and calcium. Due to lack Vitamin D3 & calcium, joint pain or discomfort might be felt. It has been seen in Indian people that due to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sunlight exposure and food habits of today, there is a deficiency of vitamin D3 and calcium. Check your Vitamin D3 and Calcium today, Book appointment

World Stroke Day: Raising Awareness and Promoting Prevention

Introduction In a world marked by various health concerns, World Stroke Day stands out as a significant global event, shedding light on the impact of strokes and the importance of prevention. This article explores the significance of World Stroke Day, its history, the global burden of strokes, risk factors, prevention strategies, and the role of awareness campaigns.