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What is Heart Attack and Why ECG at Home needed

All people in India know about a very common word Heart Attack that every time we use when one person doesn't know how another people die and we say one dies due to a heart attack.

Yeah, it's very common unknowingly but what is a heart attack? what is the meaning behind this? How can ECG at Home help?

Heart attack means proper blood supply to the heart muscle is paralysed so now these heart muscles would get die if no resumption of flow in heart blood vessels. 
It's just like a water flow to plants or crops. If plants or crops will not get water then plants will die.
So if we open that flow of blood to the heart muscle then it could be saved and heart attack could get resolved.

A very common symptom of heart attack is chest pain, dyspnea, breathing difficulty, and epigastric burning sensation, giddiness, chest heaviness, chest tightness, acidity, etc. These all are very common symptoms that one person can feel.

Never ignore these symptoms and never delay your treatment and get an ECG at home immediately because only ECG can make diagnosis your heart attack and we can save life of that person.

To understand for general public about Heart Attack, there are 3 types of heart attack 
1. Minor-unstable angina
2. Moderate-NSTEMI
3. Major-STEMI

3rd number of Major Heart attacks can be diagnosed only basis on an ECG at home, so by this, we can rule out or rule life-threatening events. 

By ECG at home, not only we diagnose major heart attack but also other many diagnoses like Heart block, Arrhythmia, etc. 

Due to ignorance of the symptoms, we have started ECG at home in Jaipur and Delhi & Delhi NCR. We are pioneer in ECG at Home service in India. 
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